Blast from my past

This time from April 2002 just after I had invited Christopher Locke over to speak:

 Soul 2 Soul

There I was, standing at Oxford Circus saying "thankyou and goodnight" to RageBoy after a long, hard day of talking, debating, disagreeing, agreeing ..... "opening the kimono" as he would put it. He'd crossed the Atlantic at my request, at a time of personal heartbreak, to give a series of talks on The Cluetrain, Gonzo Marketing, life, the universe......

We were there because of text on a screen, two souls connected by a tenous stream of binary code spanning the globe, bifurcating and re-uniting through boring routers which have no concept of meaning.

And yet ..........

I looked into those big, sad, soulful, hurting eyes and I wanted to give him a hug.

People who say the internet is a geeky, meaningless side show to life have no idea.

This stuff matters.