To boldly go

Following on from my last post, and part of what occasioned it, was a slight feeling of discomfort as I am about to take part in an enterprise search conference sponsored by Microsoft. I confess to identifying most enterprise software with the flawed, and increasingly failed, vision of corporateness in whose image and to further whose ends it was made.

But how do you get something that is seen as the antithesis of enterprise software adopted in the business world without "selling out" and having it assimilated into the same old same old? There is a group of bloggers here at FASTForward '09 recording events and taking part in various sessions and while it is wrong to see things in terms of them and us I have this sense of a bunch of individual idealists let loose in an alien world of suited "grown up" purveyors of corporate mythology which the bizarre setting of Vegas make uncannily like Captain Kirk and his team from Starship Enterprise visiting a star in a far flung galaxy.

The thing is we have to work out how to get these two ends to meet in the middle. I have no doubt the future of software, especially as applied to business capability, is headed somewhere very different from where we have been but am also aware that at the moment it is easier to identify what is it not that what it might be. Replacing the current "grand conception" model of IT with another one wouldn't get us anywhere yet can we bring about organisational change on the scale that would be required to loosen the stranglehold that the corporate mindset has on businesses by adopting a "small pieces loosely joined" approach?