High priest of orthodoxy or fluffy bunny

Dave Snowden has a great post today about the balance between experts and mob rule.

... we have the new approaches that have become possible since technology matured from process control and information flow to the networked, fragmented and semi-structured worlds of social computing. Here as communication flow increases, patterns of meaning start to emerge. We start to see the possibilities for navigation, pathways that look interesting, areas that however attractive look dangerous.

Dave once accused me of being evangelical about my own views while being critical of religious evangelism to which I responded that I really, really don't care what people think - but that they should be encouraged to think and to talk to each other about what they think as I am confident that if they do so we will all end up somewhere cool, possibly even somewhere better than where I had imagined we would get to.

The comments thread on my previous post is worth a read too if this stuff interest you.