Waking up

It never ceases to fascinate me how much of our lives we spend asleep. I don't mean those hours when we are meant to be asleep tucked up in bed, but rather the hours when we are apparently awake going about our business in the world.

So much of these hours are spent elsewhere - in the future, in the past or frankly nowhere at all just letting it all pass us by. Today I had one of those all too infrequent moments when I felt fully awake and intensely aware of everything around me. I was driving through the beautiful countryside here in the Chilterns with my two wonderful daughters in the car with me and I was suddenly, intensely, aware of how amazing it all was. That I was here, that they were here and that the bright green. lush countryside around us was here.

I also thought for a moment about what a short time any of this is possible and renewed my resolve to be awake for it as much as I can.