The risk of becoming conservative

No I am not talking about politics. I am talking about the increasing sense I have had over the past few months that "stating the obvious" is becoming harder. Some of you may have noticed that I have been blogging less over the past few months and there are a number of reasons for this.

Part of it is that working with the clients I do I don't always feel I can write about my work. Not that any of it is secret, but I feel sensitive to their right to choose when and how our work is made public. Secondly I have been blogging for eight years and there is this feeling, that continues to grow that, I have already written about most things - at least once!

The last reason is possibly the most concerning and the main prompt for this post. I feel more watched than ever before. I don't get vast numbers of readers for this blog but the ones I do tend to be smart, vocal and influential. As a result I get more and more concerned about what "they" will think. Will they think I am stupid, will they think I have lost my touch, will they think I have lost my relevance?

Risk is one of the main inhibitors to blogging, especially in a corporate environment. All those voices that you imagine saying things like "Who are you to say that?" or even "Who am I to say that?" or as an older relative of mine once said "Oh yes - blogging - that's just people expressing their opinions" - get ever louder and more difficult to ignore. Giving in to these sorts of risks though is why people stop saying what they think - and sometimes even stop thinking! It becomes easier just to stay quiet and let things pass you by.

Well, it may or may not come as a relief to you, dear reader, to know that I am going to resist these pressures and renew my efforts to state the obvious and continue to fill this blog with the inane burbling you have come to expect!