Unfetter your institutions

In a post this morning Dennis Hewlett refers to Andrew Keen on institutions and makes the comment that "What is clear is that unfettered, society and professions could run into many difficulties." I, rather facetiously perhaps, commented that "It’s not as if “fettered” institutions haven’t been managing to “run into many difficulties” themselves recently!"

In an uncanny coincidence I am currently reading Noam Chomsky on Anarchism and specifically the Spanish Civil war. He discusses the way that collectivisation by the anarchists was portrayed by both communist and fascist governments as chaotic and unsuccessful. In fact this would appear not to have been so clearly the case and Chomsky explores the tendency of those in power, of whichever political persuasion and sometimes bizarrely even in collusion with each other, to create the impression that without a select group of grown ups in charge we would all run amok!

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