Torchwood was so 1.0

Don't get me wrong. I loved the recent series of Torchwood and watched every one of them avidly. I thought the writing was superb and the moral dilemmas raised were fascinating.

My issue was with the great Russell T Davies. I remember that one of the reasons given that Doctor Who didn't make more of the geek following it attracted was that Davies didn't like or "get" the web. This may of course have been apocryphal - but it may also be behind the biggest weakness for me of the final episode of Torchwood. When the army turned up in all those housing estates to collect the kids where were the mobile phones? Was no one texting? Did no one use Twitter?

One of the things I find reassuring about our increased connectivity and ability to spread messages very fast is that actions like those depicted in the drama are much more difficult to pull off than they have ever been before!