How to thread a Crumpler shoulder strap

I love my Crumpler bag and have used it on my many foreign trips to carry my laptop, clothes and cables etc. Nearly a year ago though I un-threaded the bag's shoulder strap, for a reason I have since forgotten, and was never again able to work out how to re-thread it.

A couple of days ago I was followed on Twitter by CrumplerUK for no apparent reason. I thought this might be an opportunity to get an answer to my strap threading problem and so tweeted asking if someone could help.

I got a very prompt direct message back with a verbal description of how to thread a Crumpler bag strap but didn't manage to make head nor tail of it when I tried to apply it to my bag.

Well, today Crumpler posted a series of photos on Flickr that clearly explain how to thread the strap and I now have my bag back in its original condition!

I guess you could call this a Crumpler Cluetrain Moment!