9/11 Memories

I had only been blogging for about five months when 9/11 happened and it was still very exciting and fresh and intimate. There were a lot less of us in those days and the connections felt very strong and direct. This was why reading about the events of 9/11 through the eyes of my newly acquired American friends had such impact and none more so than the following post form Doc Searls which he has just re-linked to today in memory of the events:

Walking back from a meeting at school this evening, the kid and I looked up at the sky, as always. But it was ... different. What was that behind the high branches of an Oak tree? A star or an — no, it couldn't be an airplane. There were no airplanes in the sky tonight. Only stars: a condition we haven't seen in nearly a century.

"Why aren't the planes flying, Papa?" he asked. I explained. He asked again. I explained again. I stopped the questioning when the count got to four.

But it won't stop.