Social Media Crap

On the way home from my weekly visit to our local tip I was listening to Jeff Jarvis read his book What Would Google Do about the way marketing and ad agencies are going to have to fundamentally rethink their businesses - and how few of them are currently doing so!

There are a lot of new words being bandied about, to the extent that the phrase "social media" is now almost unusable by those of us not peddling marketing agencies, but little true understanding of how to engage customers and have real conversations with them.

I was about to write a post on how sad it is to see businesses being fleeced by marketing snake oil salesmen applying "old world" techniques to the new, networked world of conversations, when I got an email, moments ago, from a businessman who said:

I have read a lot and listened to many on social media and most I am afraid are just talking crap.

You talk sense in a straight forward way that works to a business mind.

I couldn't have put it better myself!