Twitter's Suggested Users List (not)

It was a proud moment to be included in Robert Scoble's @scobleizer list of those that he is surprised are not included on Twitter's Suggested Users List. People like Leo Laporte, @leolaporte, Doc Searls @dsearls and Dave Winer @davewiner are not on the list as are lots and lots of others.

But does it really matter? Isn't being pleased to be on the "not on the SUL list" as vain as being on the list itself? When Stephen Fry joined Twitter and the numbers following him went through the roof someone commented that celebrity doesn't scale. My reaction was that the problem was with celebrity - not the scaling.

Does size matter? Does the number of people following you on Twitter, being on the SUL, or even having loads of people read your blog really matter? Isn't it better to have a small number of great friends than hundreds of acquaintances?