Making a mark

Walking around Toronto this morning I was struck yet again how alien cities on the American content can feel to those of us from Europe. It is like walking around inside a 3D Sim City. I always feel intimidated by the scale and impersonal nature of the architecture and this time was struck by just how much the corporate world is allowed to dominate the physical space over here.

This got me thinking of the different ways some of us choose to make our mark on the world. For some their choice is physical and imposing, building immense structures and slapping their names on the side of them. For others it is taking on massive challenges. Waking past an old sailing ship moored in the harbour I was struck by the courage of those who discovered this continent , literally risking life and limb for their achievements.

I also know that it is really ideas that change and shape our worlds before anything concrete manifests itself. I love what I do and feel honoured that I get the opportunity to inspire people to use social media to do whatever it is they are trying to achieve but it is certainly different from building skyscrapers or sailing across the world!