The end of the corporation as a closed box.

So many of my conversations with clients end up being about either maintaining the corporation's managerial integrity in the face of marauding hordes of Facebook enabled staff, or protecting their brand integrity in the face of viral damage spinning out of control online when a customer decides to get their own back for a bad experience. Neither the fantasy of brand nor managerial integrity are sustainable.

Banking epitomises this. When I eventually give up with online systems - that treat me as an undifferentiated unit of a mass market, barely segmented into simplistic demographics - and trek down to my local branch where I have to sit and watch a bank teller - who is treated as an undifferentiated unit of a staff who isn''t trusted to make any decisions and are subject to the same online systems as me albeit with a different set of assumptions this time about grade and accountability.

We both face the same impersonal closed box and we have both had enough. We are starting to talk to each other.