OK I confess - I am addicted to productivity/self-help books. I already  have a house full of them but still get excited when I open the latest one to arrive. And you know what - I have learned not to feel guilty about this. Sure I worry that it means that something in me is forever disattisfied and seeking a "solution", and I know the self help industry has its own charlatans. But I also know that the energy kick I get from learning and applying some new approach or technique is what makes me bounce out of bed in the morning. Over time I am gradually honing my own mix of tools, practices and beliefs that do feel like progress and as they say - this is more of a journey than a destination.

It is also for me most of what social media is all about. Learning about yourself, learning from others, learning and progressing together. It is interesting too how much of a response I get when I blog or tweet about this sort of stuff so it would seem I am not alone in my obsession!