Can the web be taught?

Following on from my two previous posts on whether the web makes things better, and the great comments on them, I now find myself wondering about the degree to which the web can be taught. I don't mean teaching people how to drive their browsers or how to use a blogging tool, though to be honest most people find even the basics unfamiliar, but more how to pass on what works in terms of using the web to achieve things and make the world a better place. Should we be teaching the ethics of the web, the sociology of the web, the history and politics of the web?

Most people I encounter in business really struggle to get a handle on what is happening. They may use Facebook at home and share their documents in a "knowledge repository" at work but have little experience or understanding of the transformative power of the tool that is literally at their finger tips.

And then ...... my daughter's ICT classes appear to consist mostly of how to do bullet points for Powerpoint!