The Web At Work

Many experts advise that without a specific theme you can't be successful at blogging. I am not so sure. I have always wanted this blog to be a varied reflection of the things that interest me. The bloggers I enjoy reading the most may have a predominant area of knowledge but they also allow various aspects of their interests and lives to be reflected in their writing.

As I began to think  about writing more frequently and more specifically on the use of the web for work I started off deciding to set up a new shiny, focussed blog with loads of "information products" and all the currently fashionable ways to package and sell information to others.

But then I thought no. That is too spammy and impersonal for me. A bit like my decision not to call my company some corporate sounding name to give the impression that there was more than just me behind it.

So. I am going to write more often and in more of a "how to" form than I have in the past but I am going to do it here on my blog.  I have set up a category called "The Web At Work" and will mark all these more focussed posts under that topic so people can pull them all together.