OMG I am going to write a book!

I am finally getting around to writing a book. It is going to be called Corporations Don’t Tweet - People Do - possibly with the tag line “50 ideas to make the web work at work”. My hope is that it will be the sort of book that people can read a chunk at a time on a flight, on a train journey or even during a visit to the loo!

Each short chapter will contain an idea to make you think “Aha - so that’s what the point of that is” or “Now I get it why that would make sense for us to do” and to give you the confidence, and some reasons, to help the social web happen in your organisation. You could buy it for yourself or buy copies to put in colleagues' or managers’ pigeon holes to spread the word and hopefully prompt a shift in the corporate culture.

I have agreed with my publisher, John Wiley & Son, that I can get the book written by mid July in order to hit a target publication date of November so wish me luck! I will keep you posted about when it is available on Amazon etc.