Welcome to the Internet

Chairing the morning sessions at Cloud Computing World Forum yesterday at Olympia it occurred to me that what I was watching was actually corporate IT finally being forced to acknowledge the internet.

It has always fascinated me the lack of interest shown by IT professionals in even the core technologies of the Internet. It has been such a Microsoft closed shop that even getting people to allow us to run PHP scripts or use Apache servers used to be an uphill struggle. It wasn't because they were making a conscious decision about the pros and cons, it was simply that it was all so unfamiliar and unknown to them. Being so focussed on delivery of the familiar seemed to drain them of any curiosity they might have had for the new and innovative stuff that was happening around them.

Now that businesses are insisting that they have some of that innovation and flexibility that they are becoming used to as consumers, the IT industry has reacted by giving it a name and packaging it all up so that they can have conferences about what it is and whether to buy it or not and the whole time wasting, energy sapping circus moves on.