A word on hierarchies

I thought I'd share this paragraph from my book "Corporations Don't Tweet - People Do". I am about to deliver my first draft to the publisher this week and it seems a shame not to do something else with all these words!

There has been a lot written about the end of hierarchies. In fact David Weinberger once wrote that “hyperlinks subvert hierarchies”. But do we really mean this? Don’t hierarchies emerge everywhere in human nature? Won’t there be some who take to blogging and tweeting more readily than others and therefore end up on the top of a new  pile? Perhaps, but it is likely to be a more temporary ascendancy to the top of the pile - because the pile keeps moving and morphing into other piles. What is much more likely to emerge is an ephemeral meritocracy. You will gain status, and therefore power, if you add value to a lot of people. But don’t expect it to last. Don’t attempt to freeze it and institutionalise it.  Someone else will add more value tomorrow, and the moving anthill of conversations will move on. The networks of individuals will reshape around the new conversations and those who are adding value will change.