Technology really bores me

This may sound like an unlikely thing for me to say but it is true.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Macs and my iPhone and do believe that they have enabled me to do things that otherwise I wouldn't have. But that is the point. It is what they enabled that matters. Someone once called me "the Terence Conran of anoraks" and I took this as a real compliment. I am very interested in technology if it makes life better, but left cold by it if it doesn't.

This is why I get really, really bored when people go on about this enterprise system or that. I don't care. Most of them are dreadful anyway. What I am really interested in is what you do with whatever tools you use - and that could be the cheapest BBS off the internet. What is the point in buying the latest shiny thing or lumbering yourselves with Sharepoint if no one writes anything interesting?

There are too many organisations keeping up with the Jones's and "doing social". Too many people who use the words but who never blog, never tweet, never think aloud and in public. They might as well have saved their money.