Daylite 4 disappointment

I've been a long time user of Daylite, the Mac CRM and task manager from Market Circle, and had invested a lot in learning it and customising it. Over time I found the poor task management frustrating and moved to Omnifocus which I love.
I watched effort going into Market Circle's invoicing app Billings, which I gave up using as the integration with Daylite never worked, and their iPad apps, which I don't use, and kept waiting and waiting for the Mac app to get some attention.
When the new version arrived yesterday I was genuinely excited as I still want a way to integrate my GTD with contact management. But what a disappointment. It feels like they have shuffled the deckchairs rather than really improved anything. Managing contacts and lists seems if anything harder, adding todo's is a multi step process, and not to have a system wide way of adding new tasks is a deal breaker. I know their CEO AJ says it is on the way but they said that about Daylite 4 for years!!
Sorry to appear grumpy but I am genuinely frustrated and don't see any way I could justify the $179.95 USD price tag to "upgrade". 
Oh well, off to look again at Salesforce ...