Feel the fear

It is so important not to forget how unfamiliar the web and social tools are to most people.

Working, as I do, mostly with managers in their forties and fifties I would say that 90% are unsure of themselves online. Yes they are on Facebook and Linkedin, and some of them have Twitter accounts, but their use of these tools is predominantly passive. They are consuming rather than creating stories.

This is why when you suggest seriously that not only do they begin writing down what they think in these tools, but do so in the context of work, there is that familiar look of unease bordering or outright fear.

"Why would anyone be interested in what I have to say?", "What on earth would I write about?" "Won't people find me boring" - all this from people who, face to face, are fascinating and have really interesting stories to tell about challenging jobs in exciting businesses. 

Forget paying eye watering sums of money for enterprise platforms - this is where the real work is.