I can feel another book coming on ...

I really enjoyed the process of writing my book Organizations Don't Tweet - People Do and miss getting my teeth into longer form writing. I have a six week tour of Australia coming up in October and November with lots of time possibly spent in hotel rooms so I am tempted to use that time to focus on writing another one.

Last time I warmed up by reading books about the craft of writing and I am doing the same again, this time focussing more on how to self publish in various forms. I fancy writing a series of shorter more targeted books and publishing them on Kindle or iBooks.

The topics I am toying with at the moment are:

How to become confident at writing about your work

How the social web can save 25% of the cost of doing business.

A new business literacy for a new business world

Any suggestions as to other areas of the use of social in business that people would find useful for me to cover or areas of my first book that you would like me to cover in more depth?