Intellectual plankton and increasing my I/O

I sometimes feel like an old cheap computer whose I/O just isn't up to snuff. I just can't process stuff fast enough. I usually have at least two "real" books on the go and Kindle books that I am reading on my phone in snatched moments. I also listen to audio books and am about to re-instate my evening walking habit as much for the increased "reading"  time as for the exercise!

I am a sucker for enticing references online to books I want to read and, thanks to Amazon Prime, have a queue of books in all formats waiting to be read. Having crammed all of this stuff in faster I need to get it out faster. I make notes all the time on my iPhone or in my trusty Moleskine, squared, black cover cahier. I also need to process faster and to write for my blog more often.

I sometimes think that faster isn't necessary better. I feel the urge to read more poetry and to invest the effort required to read more classics. But then I am more and more aware as I get older of the fact that I inevitably have less time left to read and need to get a move on! 

But why? Isn't this bit of meat between my ears going to be rotting in, if I am very lucky, about forty years time? Am I just a piece of intellectual plankton sucking in knowledge like protein and passing it through my system barely processed? All I know is that I attack the problem with more vigour than almost anything else in my life so hopefully it is not entirely wasted time!