Facebook Graph Search and your company's "digital plumage"

Reading Jon Battelle's great article on Facebook's graph search got me thinking about its impact on brand given my big thing that Organizations Don't Tweet - People Do

Once you can search your friends, or your friends friends to see who works at, let's just say Tesco, suddenly you can not only find out who works there, which admittedly you can also do in Linkedin, but unlike Linkedin you can get to see much more of what sort of people they are and what sort of lives they live. 

Batelle sees this as a good thing in terms of individuals:

And to me, this is a Very Good Thing. A couple of years ago, I wrote a post titled  The Rise of Digital Plumage in which I predicted that we’d all become habituated to “dressing” ourselves in structured data, so as to best present ourselves to the world at any given time. Graph Search is another important tool in our ever-growing digital wardrobe, one that motivates us to understand and manage the implications of our ever-expanding digital footprint.

I reckon it is also a good thing as we collectively work out whether we can trust certain companies - or not.