Looking out of my window at the falling snow I keep thinking of the climbers killed by an avalanche in Glen Coe yesterday. I did my winter mountaineering training in Glen Coe many years ago and in fact was subsequently up Bidean Nam Bian in snow on my own a few years later. I love mountains, I love them even more in the snow, and I love risk. 

I used to satisfy my need for risk riding fast motorbikes, then in a more modest form playing sax in a pop band, then climbing hills in all weathers, now I get to write the odd challenging blog post and stand on stages. It's not the same. There is something deeply satisfying about competence in the face of real risk. Keeping a lid on your fears, knowing what you are doing, and managing the risk to come out alive.

The guys in Glen Coe were probably just unlucky. Some will no doubt argue they shouldn't have been there. But, odd though it may sound, I keep feeling jealous. Obviously not of the outcome - but of the endeavour.