Making the leap

It is interesting reading the reviews of last year in social media and noting how much they still focus on the marketing use of the platforms. It is also interesting watching people using the social web for more and more interesting and "grown up" activities. 

But it has also interesting in conversations with people at various functions over the Christmas period how few of them make the leap to seeing a use for the tools in the workplace. It comes as a surprise to many when you suggest it. Almost as if they are thinking "what has connecting and sharing stuff with people I trust and want to help got to do with work?"

This the biggest hurdle to overcome. We have been so conditioned to see work as being just about processing stuff, doing our bit and no more. Focussing on sustainable transactions rather than improving things. Seeing conversations about what we are doing, and why, as time wasting. Not wanting to rock the boat or stick our heads above the parapet.