“Blogging is just people showing off”

This was the reaction someone had to the discussion the other day about the benefits or otherwise of blogging. I hadn’t heard it expressed so vehemently for a while but it used to be a very common reaction in the early days, especially in Britain for some reason. Perhaps it is just not the done thing to have opinions in public, maybe it is “who do you think you are to assume people want to know what you think”. I remember an elderly relative saying “Oh yes blogging, that’s just people expressing their opinion”. Well, yes, and…?

There seems to be a feeling that bloggers are seeking attention, that they should keep their ideas to themselves. Presumably we should leave expressing ideas to the professionals - whoever they are?! I suspect that there is a good deal of projection going on in the stronger reactions. No one is making them read this stuff!! Besides blogging is so varied in its manifestations that blanket statements about what it is or is not are nonsense. I understand the wariness of people seeking attention but for me the joy of blogging is the conversations it kicks off and the relationships that it has helped me to form and sustain.

I’d be interested in some of the naysayers reactions to my teenage daughter Mollie’s blogging. To my eyes she is bravely, and articulately, working out the world in public. Testing ideas, opening them to wider scrutiny, “finding her voice”. Should she keep her ideas to herself and revert to passive consumption of the content generated by professionals? Should children be seen and not heard? Should she carry that attitude into adulthood?