A volume control on mob rule

A glimpse (via Twitter) of a Daily Mirror front page dragging Nigela Lawson through the gutter then reading about Justine Sacco's "public shaming" got me worrying about humanity and our willingness to project our nastiness and dysfunction onto others. I found myself worrying that the Internet is as capable of speeding up our collective weaknesses as much as it is our strengths.

But then I read of Edward Snowden's intentions - "I didn't want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself." and I was reminded of the chapter in my book which I called "We all have a volume control on mob rule". We get to choose between a heaven and a hell.

Maybe the Internet is forcing us to choose faster and more often? Maybe it is helping us to grow up faster? Or maybe we descend into a dystopian hell on the way to our final demise? Either way, one thing is for sure. We get to choose.