"Most people"

I love the ability the Internet has given us to share what we think with others around the world or around our organisation. Yet you would be amazed how often I get the reaction "Most people don't want to have to think too much, especially at work".

While walking the streets of Warsaw last week, learning of the four years of suffering it took before the Jews rose up against the Nazis, I realised that most people would have convinced themselves that things couldn't be as bad as they seemed; that if they just did what they were told and kept their heads down then they and their families would be safe. 

In Saudi Arabia earlier that same week, looking out on an audience in which the women were separated by the men with a screen, and for which the organisers had to have a special mixed audience licence, most people went along with the rules, covered their heads, sat separately from each other - despite many of them not sharing the fundamental beliefs of their rulers. 

Most people want to be safe, most people want to care for their loved ones, most people don't want to think too hard if it gets them into trouble. 

What would I have done in Nazi occupied Poland? What would I do if I had been born in Saudi Arabia?

Am I like most people?

Are you?