A healthy outlaw approach

"To live with courage in any work or in any organization, we must know intimately the part of us that does not give a damn about the organization or the work. That knows how to live outside the law as well as within it. We do this not to create a veneer of protection through cynicism, but so that we can meet the powerful structures that inform our existence on equal terms, and in a real conversation of equals. In a conversation of equals, there is all to play for. Something can occur that neither side could anticipate; predictability, routinization, boredom, and powerlessness are all in abeyance. With a healthy outlaw approach, we are outside the laws of predictable cause and effect and inside the intensity of creative originality. We have a gleam in our eye; we look to the edges of things; no one really knows what we are up to. We see with the eyes of those who do not quite belong. We are dangerous again, and glad to be so." - David Whyte

From the wonderful and highly recommended Crossing The Unknown Sea