Between anarchism and fascism

The combination of the following have got me thinking hard:

  • Conversations with Dave Snowden over the weekend about the spectrum between Fascism and Anarchism and the need for some sort of supportive patterns in between to help people make sense of their world without resorting to ideologies.
  • Reading Post Democracy by Colin Crouch a brilliant look at the current state of democracy and its likely future.
  • Harold Jarche’s recent post Social Business Needs Social Management

I keep reflecting back to the chapter in my book “The Ultimate In Democracy” in which I suggest that if global firms are testing nation states’ ability to control them, and if much of the population is giving up on conventional politics, why not allow more people inside the firm to exercise more influence. Now I am not naive, your average company is not going to tolerate management by committee on a huge scale, or some sort of workers cooperative, but equally people are eventually going to wake up and realise that they have had their ability to influence the world around them eroded.

If we don’t have the counterbalance to the rich and powerful that the working class used to represent when there was mass production, we do still need some way of keeping excess in check and finding mechanisms to achieve more equal distribution of influence than we have now.

Just having the Internet isn’t enough. Everyone having a voice isn’t enough. We need new and better collective stories to help us make sense of things and better able to sort the big problems that we all face.