ANY construct is ego. What's actually existing is pure beingness; that's the reality. Anything whatsoever that is abstracted from that primal fact as an idea, belief, or supposition, is ego. Any models. And we use those models to create a story, the story of what we are and what our life is. The elements that make up the story are the supposed "things" that we think exist; our bodies, other people, objects, cities, society, the solar system, every "thing". The story of all this presupposes that these "things", the elements that make up the story, actually exist; whereas in reality they are just imaginary concepts that we've abstracted out of this infinite, indefinable Being.

All those supposed elements we use to build a story, and the very act of building that story, is egoism. And that's all that traps us, when we get trapped. We build these elaborate stories in imagination and then we identify with them, we think we're IN these stories, and then we think we're STUCK in those stories. Once you see that all the elements that your story is made of don't actually exist as objective realities in the way you think they do, then your whole story collapses; and where does that leave you? You don't know where you are, you don't know what you are; but then there's nothing to trap you, and no you to be trapped. THIS is liberation. THIS is enlightenment; simply seeing that there is in actuality nothing that can possibly trap you, and no separable you that could be trapped.

Peter Brown in Dirty Enlightenment