Facebook as a blogging platform

Blogging is still one of the most useful and fun things you can do. I still blog at The Obvious? because that is my home on the web and the space I am in control of. Each time social networks die and we all move on my blog is still there. Has been for thirteen years (it's birthday is next month).


As people have moved into places like Facebook and Twitter the energy has moved away from blogging to some extent. Less comments and less people using RSS to track conversations. I, like many bloggers, used to post links to my blog posts on Facebook or Google+. Then I realised that I was expecting people to move from where they were to where I wanted them to be - always a bad idea.

So I started posting the entire content of my blog posts on Facebook and Google+. The process is the same, I get the same benefit of noticing things that blogging gives me, the same trails left of what caught my eye, but the conversations have kicked off. I love the forty or fifty comment long threads that we are having. I love the energy of the conversations. It's like the old days.

Maybe blogging is more of a way of looking at the world than a platform. Maybe this was what is wrong with all the faux blogs out there. You know the ones where it is on a newspaper's site and it is called a blog but it doesn't feel like a blog, it is just "content". I used to think this was because they didn't have all the tools of a real blog but now I am wondering if it is more about intent than technology?