Last week I went along to Reclaim The Net, hosted by Eva Pascoe one of the founders of Cyberia (who ran the first network of cyber cafes in Britain). Held in Digitas Lbi off Brick Lane it was attended by a mix of Hoxton Hipsters and hard core geeks.

Last night Henley Business School asked me along to ‘Driving Growth in Digital Britain’ with a keynote by Baroness Dido Harding, Chief Exec of Talk Talk. Held in a conference room in RBS Bishopsgate, it was attended predominantly by grey haired middle aged men in suits.

Aside from presented by women there was little in common between the two events either in style or content, yet both came under this umbrella word Digital.

At the first Bill Thomson said the early adopters had taken their eye off the ball and allowed business and government to squander the early transformational potential of the net. At the second there was talk of digital inclusion, and they had picked up on the meme of the need to learn coding, but the focus was on business and infrastructure, and at the end of the day money.

Two very different ends of the "digital" spectrum in the same week. Neither right or wrong, both doing what they think matters. These are interesting times...