Learning to say no

One of the attractions of our mobile online world is that we can do pretty much anything, anywhere, any time. This is also one of the biggest challenges.

If we are not careful we can end up working all the time. The boundaries between work and home, or work and play, are getting increasingly blurred, and it is us who are having to manage those boundaries.

It used to be that work stopped when you left the office and the speed of your incoming work was constrained by how fast the office postman could walk. But now we have to find our own limits and exercise them. We are going to have to get better at saying no to more people more of the time, including ourselves.

I am writing this as we are about to leave for a family holiday in the USA. As a freelancer, with the luxury of using my own tools on my own devices, I am as able to do work on the road as I am at home. My mobile carrier now offers free roaming in the States. There is nothing to stop me taking work with me, except my own self discipline.

Wish me luck!