We need more rubbish on the internet.

I was listening to a Jim Rohn tape the other day in which he talks about giving presentations and knowing that only some of the audience will respond well to what he says. Most of the audience will be mildly interested and some will be what he calls "the perplexed". He says that he loves doing the talks even if only a small group are what he calls "believers" because much of the reason for speaking in public is to aid his own learning. To say things clearly, to say them in public, to say them over and over again.

This is even more true online, some people will respond positively to what you write, many will wonder what the hell you are on about, but lastly, unlike usual face to face etiquette, online there are likely to be some who feel entitled to have a go at you. We all know that disapproving, censorious tone that people adopt when they are ranting about the amount of trivia on the internet and the iconic "I am having a coffee" tweet. The problem with this holier than though attitude is that it makes people nervous of being trivial. The fear not being "important enough" to say what they think in public. They worry that people will think them arrogant for expressing themselves and sharing their thoughts. They opt for the safe option and keep quiet.

This dynamic is even more true in the workplace where the risk of having views and sharing them feels all the more extreme. The problem is that if none of us are brave enough to share none of us get to learn. If that aha moment you have just had about a safety valve on an oil rig seems too trivial to mention the rest of us don't find out. If your gut feeling that sub prime mortgages are a bad idea seems too contrary to the "smart" people around you you keep it to yourself.

Our tendency to judge and to silence weak signals in our systems is one of their greatest weaknesses. Judgement and disapproval come too easy to too many of us. We need to encourage more noise to make sure we don't bury the signal. We need more of us being brave enough to think out loud and to do it over and over again - even if some think it is rubbish. We need more rubbish on the internet. We need more rubbish at work