The Work

I have just been on the road for nearly three weeks. Literally travelling around the world talking to different groups. A Knowledge Management conference in Washington, a CIO conference in New York, a Change Management conference in Sydney and workshops for a small hospital and community services in Apollo Bay near Melbourne. Nothing if not varied.

What they all had in common was good people grappling with change and trying to make sense of the opportunities and threats it represents for them. The internet and "digital" are reaching deep into our worlds of work and most organisations still don't really know what to do with them. They are held at arm's length, attempts are made to control them, those enthusiastically embracing them are regarded with suspicion.

There is still a widespread feeling of "I don't do technology". Well, it's going to do you. Passivity is the least safe option. Whether the deep impact of algorithms, impending automation of bureaucracy, or the disruptive effect of social networks, it is already happening. It's happening around you, it's happening to you.

It is time to take the work that this calls for seriously.