This could be an alternative name for my business! I am increasingly asked to talk to people who are obstructing use of social tools in their business or otherwise getting in the way of change. One grey haired old codger talking to other grey haired old codgers to try to get them out of the way.

Seriously though having been a senior manager in a big organisation myself I can relate to their challenges. Managers are under pressure to deliver. Especially middle managers are in a tough place, getting grief from above and below, blamed for everything, and invariably in a situation of competing for resources and profile with their peers.

The sorts of behaviours that got them where they are today, and that appear to keep them safe and successful, are based on some deeply held assumptions. Challenging those assumptions is not for the faint hearted because doing so provokes an almost existential crisis and they, naturally, resist!

Like I say, people change one at a time and for their reasons and not yours. You have to find a way to relate the changes you want to bring about to the challenges the people you are talking to face. You need to really work hard at building trust and finding ways to relate to their fears and deal with them. Challenging but rewarding work.