I marvel at the extent to which communication in the workplace has become about shuffling slide decks instead of talking to each other. Or writing good prose for that matter.

Rather than engaging directly with people to convey the power of our ideas we hide behind the apparent professionalism of a polished presentation - or we clog up our IT systems sending each other bloated files rather than writing well crafted and effective emails.

Worse still constructing PowerPoint has become a primary tool for thinking. There are so many better tools out there - paper and pencil for one, plaintext documents, mind mapping tools, powerful outliners. All of these tools allow you to focus on your ideas with the minimum of friction rather than grappling with the beast that PowerPoint has become.

Sure, if you have to, back up your face to face presentation with simple slides and images, but don't let PowerPointless become what you do for a living.

Life's too short.