The sound of silence

I enjoy the comment threads I get on my posts on Facebook. It is these sort of interactions that attracted me to the social web in the first place. Interestingly I get much less response on LinkedIn and Twitter despite the fact that I am connected to many more people on those two platforms. And my blog is the place where I get least response as the numbers of people using RSS aggregators has diminished over the years.

But of all them, it is my blog that I will keep going. It is there that I have been thinking out loud for coming up seventeen years. It is that that I think of as my outboard brain. I have often said that my posts are thinly disguised "memos to self" and there's value in that even if no one is reading them.

If any of you are considering blogging and worrying if anyone would read you, or if you are already blogging and dispirited at the lack of response, keep going. It's worth it. Even if no one else is listening - you are!